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The blueprint to a long, lean, healthy body

Bodyism: The science of a long, lean, athletic body.

Bodyism transforms and empowers. You can be part of the movement.

10 years ago, James Duigan made it his mission to empower as many people as possible by spreading the Clean and Lean philosophy. He wanted men and women from all walks of life to realise their physical and mental potential. Our bodies want to be lean, light, strong and energised.

 James, along with the rest of his team, have enabled thousands of people all over the world to transform and thrive.

The Bodyism system is the blueprint for a long, lean, healthy body. In November 2015, Bodyism London opened its doors ready to revolutionise the wellness experience. The state-of-the-art members club has been designed with the single goal of ensuring that every client will achieve their optimum health. The team consists of the top performance coaches and fat loss specialists in the world.

Bodyism is focused on creating long, lean, athletic bodies, through carefully tailored nutritional, holistic and movement programs along with recommendations of specific Clean and Lean supplements. Each client is looked after in every aspect of their  health.

Bodyism experts include performance specialists, sports massage therapists, fascial stretch therapists, nutrition coaches and holistic healers. The team work collectively for each client to accelerate the healing process and restore biomechanical function. Bodyism are passionate about treating each client holistically to develop strategies and protocols which accelerate the fat burning process, rebalance, detoxify and energise. Bodyism clients become lean, long and glowing.

Our performance trainers and coaches are the best in the world, they have been chosen for their integrity, compassion and commitment to excellence and brilliance in their field. Each trainer has undergone an extensive training mentorship with bodyism as well as an internship in arizona at Athletes Performance. The success and reputation of Bodyism is built on our ability to consistently deliver incredible results for our clients. With each member of the team committed to ensuring you experience excellent health and achieve a vibrant, lean, healthy body.


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He keeps his workouts fresh and interesting so I never get bored, and he introduces new exercises all the time to keep my tummy – and body – in the best possible shape.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Model

My training sessions are really enjoyable. My body has responded how I always wanted it to, but never did before. With Clean and Lean James has really tapped into how we can function at the highest levels realistic to our busy lifestyles.

Holly Valance, Actress

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“Good nutrition is the key to a beautiful health body and happy life. It’s that simple.” – James & Christiane Duigan

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