Performance Specialist
Bertie Holmes Bodyism


Performance Specialist


Born and raised in Portugal, Berti spent his early years in the sunshine, living a healthy lifestyle by the beach climbing mountains and surfing the West Coast.

Since obtaining his Personal Training diploma, Berti has been training private clients and group classes around London on water and dry land.

Berti is great with people and radiates positive energy and he strives to make his clients feel the same.

Berti specialises in TRX and calisthenics training and trains all fitness levels. He strives to make his sessions fun and enjoyable, while putting his clients through their paces to achieve their goals.

Berti says:
I met James and was inspired about the positive ethos of Bodyism; they care for the health and happiness of their clients rather than just reaching fitness goals. Joining Bodyism is an amazing opportunity to work with inspiring people, which has always been my career goal.

James says:
I saw Berti from across the room and immediately knew that he was special. He is the physical manifestation of optimum health and he inspires change just by being who he is.