Boxing Specialist
Bodyism boxing, George Veness


Boxing Specialist


George was jabbing and hooking his way around the boxing ring from the tender age of six. By his mid-twenties, he had won four national titles, represented England ten times and captained England in a Four Nations tournament in Wales.

Alongside these impressive accolades, George embarked in a Personal Training course and a Boxing Coach course. He very quickly found a passion for training and decided to end his professional boxing career.

George feels at his best when he sees a novice develop into a confident well-schooled boxer in the ring, whilst having fun at the same time.

Over the past few years, a few of George’s clients won gold and silver titles and the National championships. The high-intensity, and fast-paced Boxing classes are a playful and inspiring way to shed fat, improve agility and become long and lean.

George says:
I read the Clean and Lean Warrior book a few years back and was so impressed by James’s philosophy and how simple yet effective it was. So I started giving a few books to friends and family and soon I was telling everyone about it. I love being a part of Bodyism and just like them; I am dedicated to changing people’s lives.

James says:
George is the real thing. He is the type of guy you immediately feel safe with. He is able to transform his clients from complete beginners to skilled boxers and to watch that transformation is astounding. Everyone takes George to their heart; he is the absolute salt of the Earth and a world class boxing coach.

Instructor: Bodyism Boxing and Private Boxing