Pilates and Ballet Specialist
Jamie Yikes Bodyism


Pilates and Ballet Specialist


Jamie fell in love with Pilates through her training as a classical ballet dancer. Pilates was part of the required curriculum at The Harid Conservatory in Boca Raton, Florida. She was hooked from the beginning.

Her instructor at The Harid Conservatory, John Mahoney, was certified by Romana Kryzanowska. Jamie’s ballet training also includes the The Kirov Academy. A career-ending injury prevented Jamie from ever dancing professionally and instead she began to work in in fashion editorial for The New York Times: T Magazine.

She decided to make a career switch as she missed utilising her body in a comparable way to ballet and returned to her love for Pilates. Teaching Pilates and enabling her clients to transform and thrive has been hugely rewarding for Jamie and she has never looked back.

Jamie Y says:
What really intrigued me and what I love about Clean and Lean is their approach to living a healthy life. It’s much more about feeling and living well, opposed to just exercise. Making the small tweaks that allow for big changes. It encompasses everything from eating food with good ingredients, mindfulness, being kind to others and of course moving your body. All of these things, I believe make you a happier, healthier person. Bodyism gives good vibes and it’s all about the vibes.

James says:
Jamie Yike is hugely passionate, a true professional and most importantly has a heart of gold. We automatically recognised her commitment to excellence and her ability to create a strong connection with people. Not only is she a brilliant Pilates and Ballet teacher she is also a great person to spend an hour with which is just as important.

Instructor: Clean and Lean Class, Clean and Lean Warrior Class, Bodyism Ballet, Private ballet, Private pilates