Yoga Specialist
Melody Hekmat Bodyism


Yoga Specialist


Melody is an experienced jivamukti yoga teacher with over 800 hours of study under her belt. After years of exploring different yoga disciplines including kundalini, ashtanga, and iyengar, Melody was introduced to the practice of jivamukti yoga and did her training under the watchful eyes of the founders, David Life and Sharon Gannon.

Melody is passionate about bringing meditation and yoga into peoples’ lives. Her hands-on classes are challenging and dynamic which inspires, nurtures and uplifts clients and deepens their practice.

Melody continues to deepen her own practice and teaching of yoga through frequent inspiration from all teachers, students, the community, and nature.

Melody says:
It is rare to find a company that has the positive attitude that Bodyism has. I love the philosophy and genuine sense of kindness and care that is adopted in everything that Clean and Lean creates.

James says:
Yoga with melody exceeds the relaxation I feel when having a massage. She is hands-on, ensuring close attention on form. Her guidance gives strength and confidence, which leaves you feeling strong, powerful and ready to face the world once more.

Instructor: B Free, Private Yoga