Pilates Specialist
Nikki Urwin Bodyism


Pilates Specialist


Nikki credits Pilates for giving her strength and flexibility in all aspects of her life.

She feels passionate about inspiring and educating her students rather than simply instructing them. Classes with Nikki will leave you feeling taller, prouder, leaner and mindful.

She adopts a very hands-on approach helping clients explore a deeper understanding of movement through postural adjustments, breathing exercises encouraging mindfulness through movement. Classes are specially designed to suit all levels whilst still encouraging clients to push themselves to their personal best.

Nikki has a holistic approach in her classes, she will advise about healthy eating, stress management and fitness maintenance. Nikki qualified as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates and is trained in all levels of Matwork as well as the Reformer and Pilates small equipment. She has worked in several studios in London, teaching both mat work and private lessons, working with every level of body, from rehabilitation to advanced. Nikki specialises in Antenatal and Postnatal Fitness.

Nikki says:
I knew from the moment I met James and our initial chat over a Clean and Lean breakfast that working for Bodyism was for me. It is rare that a company is so genuinely authentic and really lives up to its message. Bodyism is everything the wellness industry should be kindness, compassion, love, health and happiness.

James says:
Nikki is dynamic, enthusiastic and a total embodiment of the Clean and Lean philosophy. She is a brilliant communicator, a fantastic pilates instructor and a huge asset not only to Bodyism but to the wellness industry too.

Instructor: Private Pilates